2024-07-02 Datasheet: SA-0315 XT-1WR4

  SMD, input: 3.3Vdc, dual output: +-15Vdc




   2024-05-16 Datasheet: SMU-N




   2024-05-08 Datasheet: SNC10HW



  2024-05-08 Datasheet: SLBH300-13Bxx




2024-04-18 Datasheet: S12DC-05S05NFH6

suitable for permanent isolation voltage 1500Vdc by add three layers insulated wire to increase the insulation distance, reducing wire aging.



2024-03-14 Datasheet: SLD15-25BxxR2




   2024-02-26 Datasheet: SKAE24_T-0.5A



   2024-02-07 Datasheet: SPVA40-27Bxx



   2024-01-09 Datasheet: SVCB48_QBO-800WR3A(D)-N



    2023-12-04 Datasheet: SF_T-R3




      2023-09-02 Datasheet: SLM200-20BxxR2   Compact Size




     2023-05-05 Datasheet: SURB_YMD-40WR3



   2023-04-20 Datasheet: SND20HW




  2023-04-01Datasheet: SVRB_J(M)D/T-6W SURB_J(M)D/T-10W 






    2023-03-01 Datasheet: SUWB4805 S-3WR2



   2023-02-06 Datasheet: SLIMF240-23Bxx




   2023-01-13 Datasheet: SK12MT-6A




   2022-12-07 Datasheet: SYNC40



    2022-11-18 Datasheet: SWI 252012FW




    2022-11-18 Datasheet: SWI 252010FW




  2022-11-04 Datasheet: SYNC20



  2022-10-11 Datasheet: SU/SVRB_J(M)T/D-3W




  2022-10-11 Datasheet: SWRB_ST/SD-1WR2




    2022-10-07 Datasheet: SURB_S-10WR3



   2022-09-05 Datasheet: SSCM1316AFA




  2022-08-12 Datasheet: SLMF200-23BxxUH




     2022-07-06 Datasheet: SLD90-23BxxR2





  2022-06-21 Datasheet: SLO30-10A/Dxx




   2022-06-15 Datasheet: SK78xx-500R3-LB




  2022-04-07 Datasheet: SRW-25W




  2022-03-16 Datasheet: SLS15-23BxxDR3




  2022-02-03 Datasheet: SUWE/SF_S-1WR3



  2022-01-27 Datasheet: SLD10-2WBxx



  2022-01-20 Datasheet: SLO30-20BxxMU



  2021-12-06 Datasheet: SHO1-P401-5C



    2021-11-17 Datasheet: SLS05-23BxxDR3



  2021-10-07 Datasheet: SHAA5H8




  2021-09-01 Datasheet: SNB3R35HW



  2021-07-13 Datasheet: SVCB48_SBO-100WR3

  2021-07-09 Datasheet: SVCB48_SBO-30WR3




     2021-06-16 Datasheet: SKUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS)



  2021-05-12 Datasheet: SLS03-16BxxSS (-F)




   2021-04-27 Datasheet: SQA



 2021-04-16  Datasheet: SU/SVRH_P-3WR3




   2021-03-17  Datasheet: SK78UUXX-500R3(L)

    2021-02-24  Datasheet: SVRB24_LD-50W(H)R3(A2S/A4S)




    High Voltage Output adjustable

    2021-02-12   Datasheet: SHO1 Series: 0,72W, 0,75W, 1,2W, 4W, 10W, now also 30W




    2021-02-03  Datasheet: SPV50-25Bxx




  2021-01-14   Datasheet: SLOxx-23B-E: 15W - 30W - 50W - 75W




   2020-12-17   Datasheet: SHO1-P(N)1201-0.6B



     2020-11-13   Datasheet: SURB_J(M)D/T-15W





   2020-11-11   Datasheet: SK12T-10A & 16A



    2020-10-06   Datasheet: SCUWF24_J(Y)T-6WR3





   2020-09-03   Datasheet: SLOF225-20Bxx Series



  2020-08-25    Datasheet: SB05xxMT-1WR4

   2020-07-15    Datasheet: SK78_MT-1000R4



   2020-07-14    Datasheet: SLD05-23BxxR2




    2020-06-16    Datasheet: SK78_MT-500R4



  2020-05-14    Datasheet: SNE3





   2020-05-12    Datasheet: S12D1M-03S05NA




  2020-04-09    Datasheet: SK78(L)xx-3AR3




     2020-03-11    Datasheet: SLD03-16Bxx





    2020-03-04    Datasheet: SLD10-26Bxx







  2020-02-04    Datasheet: SM10A Series





  2020-01-10    Datasheet: SNR-2.0 Series








   2019-11-27    Datasheet: SNA3W-3W Series







  2019-11-07    Datasheet: SSVRH-05 Series








   2019-10-14    Datasheet: SKC24JT-xxxR3 Series








   2019-09-06    Datasheet: SMBW-3W Series








   2019-08-28    Datasheet: SK78_JT-500R3




2019-07-11  1000W & 1500W Power Inverter with AC Transfer for 12Vdc      SINT1000 & SINT1500


2019-07-04  SMD 10 Pin DC-DC Switching Regulator, wide input up to 72V,           SSVRH-0.5


2019-06-21  2W  4:1 regulated, SMD 12 pin, 3kV, under voltage lockout         UBW-2W


2019-05-09 120-200W DC-DC, Ultra wide 200-1000VDC input, 4kV isolation, high reliability    SPV200-27B


2019-04-23   SCHMID-M New 6A Non Isolated, POL DCDC Converter               SK12T-6A


2019-03-14 15W, Operating temperature -40°C ~ 100°C max, no minimum load required   SM7W-15


2019-01-21 AC/DC 150W enclosed switching power supply, 165-264VAC, up to 4k isolation SLM150-22

                   Over voltage class 3 (designed to meet EN61558)


2019-01-21 AC/DC 150W enclosed switching power supply, 85-264VAC, up to 4k isolation   SLM150-20

                   Over voltage class 3 (designed to meet EN61558)


2018-12-19  non isolated DC-DC Converter, output current 30-40A, output voltage is adjustable

                     POL (Point of Load) for FPGA system                               SSIP  SCHMID-M


2018-12-14  2W Unregulated Single & Dual output, 4,2kVDC isolation   T2-2W SCHMID-M


2018-11-23   low cost, 4kV Isolation, ultra small size AC/DC 2W Converter    SLDE02-23BXX


2018-10-18  Non Isolated 1A, -40°C~105°C, low standby current, SMD, only 3,6mm height     SSVR1.0


2018-09-03  2 Watt SIP4,    short circuit protection     SB-M-2WR2


2018-08-31  Ultra Wide Input 13-70 or 42-176 VDC with 3kV isolation, in-built heatsink SRW-20


2018-08-17  Suitable for BMS application  with 60VDC output    SB0560LS-1WR2    


2018-05-28  PCB Mounting, EMI Filters    SE100x                  


2018-04-12  high performance 9W 4:1 Sinle & Dual output, 8-PIN Sip Package        SBW-9W


2017-12-08  Supports negative Output only by switching pins 2 and 3 - SK78xx500R3 & SK78xx1000R3


2017-10-24  Output Current up to 6A, Input Range: 2,4-5,5 VDC, 8,3-14VDC   S02D-6A SCHMID-M


2017-09-29  3W Unregulated,  3kVDC isolation, SIP7 Package   SDAE-3F SCHMID-M


2017-08-31  1W Unregulated Single & Dual output, 4,2kVDC isolation    T1-1W SCHMID-M


2017-07-06  0-600V continuous output with linear adjustable function, Low Ripple,  SHO1-P601-2C


2017-07-06  No Minimum Load required, Built-in EMI filter meets EN55032 Class A without external components  SM7W


2017-05-03  Signal Conditioning Modul, High Precision Grade (0,1% F.S.)  STP


2017-03-29  60W 4:1 Wide Input Range with Heatsink, SBXC60


2017-03-22  2-3W 4:1 Regulated Single & Dual output, 8 Pin SIL, 3kV isolation ! SPAW/SPBW-2-3W


2017-03-20  2W 4:1 Regulated Single & Dual output, 8 Pin SIL !   SRBW-2W



2016-12-08  60W DC/DC Converter 4:1 wide input, Temp. -40° ~ 100°C max.    STW-60W Series

2016-09-07 6W DC/DC smallest footprint wide input 2:1 SB-6W Series SCHMID-M  and                                                                                                    4:1 SBW-6W Series


2016-09-07  8W DC/DC, ultra wide input 13-70V, 42-176 V, SRW-8W Series SCHMID-M

2016-06-02  30W DC/DC , 4:1, dual/singel,  Gehäuse 1x1, SNW-30 Series Schmid-M

2016-03-16  10W AC/DC Converter, DIP 15,3 mm high, SASD-10 Series SCHMID-M


2016-02-11  power inverter 1000 W (AC-output)   SOPIP-1000

2016-02-11  new connector: PCB Jack 1x1, vertical top entry, with LED C04 5A15AEG2



2015-12-02 1W DC/DC Converter, 8kV Isolation    SHBA1-05S1H8

2015-10-05  6W DC/DC 4:1, no minimum load required, 66% less volume SBW-6 SCHMID-M    


2015-08-17  8W DC/DC ultra wide input  13V~70V & 42V~176V, 3000VD SRW-8 SCHMID-M 2015-06-08  Round Connector (3 pin) in metal case, SM C10 GX12 38 SCHMID-M

2015-05-06  1W DC/DC Converter, -40~105°C Temperature ST1-Series SCHMID-M


2015-03-27  50W/75W/100W, 66-160 V Input, single regulated  SURF1D-QB SCHMID-M

2015-03-26  2W DC/DC Converter, 4:1 Input, regulated single/dual, SIL9 SBW-2 SCHMID-M

2015-03-09  30W AC/DC Converter, multiplexed Output SLM30-00J0512-03E


2015-02-19  1, 2, 3 Watt AC/DC Converter without electric capacitor SLN00-12Bxx

2015-01-19  5~15 Watt DC/DC Converter für Photovoltaic Industry SPVxx-27xxR2 SCHMID-M

2015-01-12  3W, wide input, regulated, isolated, three outputs SURC_D-30WR2 SCHMID-M


2014-12-17  0,25W, high temperature DC/DC Converter, single SB_XT-W2R2 SCHMID-M

2014-12-02  1W high temperature DC/DC Converter, dual/single  ST1-1W SCHMID-M

2014-10-22  5W SMD DC/DC Converter, dual/single, dual separated  SCW SCHMID-M

2014-10-14  high frequenc:y current sensing Transformer   SACST SCHMID-M


2014-08-25  6W DC/DC Converter, 4:1,single regulated, 6kV Isolation SURH_6WR3_EN

2014-08-11  100W AC/DC Converter, output volting continously adjustable SMCP100

2014-06-30  smallest footprint (SIL8) 6W Converter  SB-6W Serie


2014-04-29  ultrathin and high efficiency DIN-Rail 120 W AC-DC Wandler SLI120

2014-03-11  SMD Air Wound Coil    SAS-Series

2014-02-19  1W Miniatur SMD DC-DC SCF0505XT-1WR2 plug and play power supply, -50-125°C
                     short circuit protection (continous, self recovery)


2014-01-30  SMD-Power Coil  SIPC-Serie

2014-01-22  5W  wide input range (85~305 VAC) AC-DC  SLD05-23BXX

2014-01-22  10W wide input range (85~305 VAC) AC-DC SLD10-13BXX


2013-11-17 3W AC-DC High-Voltage DC/DC  SLS03-R2S Serie green power, low stand by 0,5W

2013-10-25 Ultraminiatur SMD 3 Watt-Wandler    SWRB-XXYY-MT-3W

2013-09-16 Ultra wide input range 65~460 VAC  AC-DC SLO10-26D0512-04


AC-DC-Converter for electric meters
three-phase three wire or four wire open frame
switche-mode power supply
high isolated